Is slaughter our new entertainment? 

The Buffalo supermarket killer live-streamed from a camera mounted on his helmet  — an up close and gruesome first-person view as he fires into 10 people, some of them crawling on the supermarket floor. That’s what we excitedly hope to see on social media?

Here’s who kept the streaming going as people died and presented terror as “theater”:

  • Twitch
  • Streamable
  • Facebook let it ride for more than 10 hours

And just a note about #Zuckerberg – he’s quietly formed American Edge. American Edge has launched a campaign committed to fight antitrust legislation in Washington. They’re placing op-eds in regional papers throughout the country, commissioning studies, and collaborating with partners, including minority business associations, conservative think tanks, and former national security officials.

With this kind of big-money backing, we haven’t seen the last of streaming blood lust.  They’re beating the drum as if regulation is a restraint of tech development – don’t be fooled.  Follow the money.