Valerie Webster

Rita Mars

Rita Mars is a a mashup of the wise cracking Stephanie Plum with the sangfroid of a Kathleen Mallory. She lives by killer instinct but she carries the banner for love and loyalty – her strength as well as her weakness.  Her moral compass unfailingly takes her the shortest distance from wrongdoing to justice.

My latest mystery novel …


In this first of the Rita Mars series, she loses an old friend to what appears to be suicide.  She’s convinced he was murdered to cover unethical maneuvers and save reputations in the abyss that is Congress.  Back stabbings inside the beltway sometimes extend beyond metaphorical.  She’s going to butt heads with the local good ole boy authorities and navigate the deliberately stoked smoke screens of the duly elected, but she is never going to give up.

About the author

Valerie Webster

Valerie has been a triathlete, a writing instructor, a crime reporter, a member of Sisters in Crime and the mentoring program of Mystery Writers of America.  She is the author of DRIVEN: A RITA MARS MYSTERY, wherein she incorporates her extensive career in law enforcement technologies.  Valerie makes her home near Boulder, Colorado.  DRIVEN is her debut thriller.

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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.


And, though she be but little, she is fierce.


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