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Popular Book Club Discussion Topics with Crime Fiction Author & Creator of Rita Mars, Valerie Webster

Invite a thriller author who’s been there and done that from politics to modern crime-fighting tech.

I welcome the opportunity to join your book club event virtually or in person to discuss the Rita Mars Crime Thriller Series, Driven, or any of my other works!

Please contact me with details to schedule an event. 

Popular Discussion Topics

  • How did your background inspire you to write thrillers? 
  • What kind of research do you do?
  • How long did it take you to write Driven
  • Do you ever get writer’s block? How do you work through it? 
  • What is the inspiration behind and how did you develop the characters, especially Rita Mars?
  • Why did you write Driven: A Rita Mars Thriller?
  • What authors and/or books have inspired your writing?
  • What’s next? Is there a sequel to Driven?


Crime Thriller Driven

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Driven - Rita Mars

"A Real Page Turner!"

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Purchase Your Copy of Driven on Amazon Here.