Denver homicide detective Nick Ryan and homicide suspect Elizabeth Harper have a history.   Theirs was a passionate attraction that bound them, but a break in faith extinguished the flame.   Years later In a chance assignment, Nick encounters his past lover.  Her husband is dead and Elizabeth is the chief suspect.  The Woman He Used To Know is a page turning experience you won’t put down. 

There are 90 reviews on Amazon and more than 70 on Goodreads.  A strong mix of five- and four-star ratings.  Here are the samples that say it best.

This was a non-stop thriller. Loved the characters and the twists which kept you guessing until the end as to who was the murderer! Definitely plan to read more from this author.

Kerry O., goodreads

Helen charms us into thinking we’ll know the plot by giving us frequent glimpses not only into the mind of Nick Ryan, but also into the primary suspect’s mind as well. It is infrequent that I read a mystery book that puts us into the minds of both characters, this was a treat for the book.

Janine Bolon, Amazon

You think you have sussed out who did it but to find that you were wrong as the plot thickens.  A constant page turner that has you hooked right from the start to finish.

Fiona Pope-Bulling, goodreads

A good murder mystery with an added side of romance that had me hooked from the very first chapter. I liked the underlying spark of chemistry between Nick and Elizabeth and found myself rooting for their second-chance HEA. I found this hard to put down because I just couldn’t guess who the murderer was until it was finally revealed in the last chapters. The author does a good job keeping the reader on the edge right to the very end.

Di O’Brien, Amazon

Colorado native and former OR nurse, Helen Starbuck is an award-winning author of The Annie Collins Mystery Series and standalone contemporary romantic suspense. When she’s not writing, you can find her dressing up like a princess and ballroom dancing with her friends or reading books about strong women and interesting men who find themselves in suspense-filled situations. 

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